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What should I report to CROSS-SA?

You can report structural failures and collapses, or safety concerns about the design, construction or use of structures. Reports relating to near misses or observations relating to failures or collapses which have not been uncovered through formal investigation are also welcomed. Reports do not have to be about current activities so long as they are relevant.

Small scale events are important as they can be the precursors to more major failures. No concern is too small to be reported and conversely nothing is too large. Your report might relate to a specific experience or it could be based on a series of experiences indicating a trend.

You can also report damage caused to buildings and building related infrastructure by weather events. These can be sudden actions such as high winds or lightning strikes, or longer-term actions such as flooding, snow/sleet/hail/ice or high/low temperatures. Weather damage reports are used to gather information that can be used to assess the capability of our buildings to withstand the weather patterns that may be becoming more common.

What should I include in my report to CROSS-SA?

Reports can be of any length and start with a title which should give an idea of what is to follow, such as “Roof collapse under snow load” or “Failure to check design produced by software”.

The description of the report follows and should include the location (if applicable) and a description of the safety issue, including the cause. If there was a safety event, describe what happened, including the magnitude. If there was a failure or collapse, describe the extent of the damage.

You can also include lessons which can be learned from the safety issue.

What will CROSS-SA do with my report?

Firstly, your personal information and any identifiable details, such as a project, product, individual or organisation, will be removed by the CROSS-SA Director. Your report will also go through general editing, so don’t worry if it is not written perfectly. The report is now known as a de-identified report.

The de-identified report is then passed to the CROSS-SA Panel, who provide comments so that others may learn lessons and prevent similar concerns or events occurring in the future. CROSS-SA will then send you the de-identified report for your approval to publish it on our website, which is free for all to access. Selected reports are included in the CROSS-SA Newsletter, which is emailed to the Structural-Safety mailing list subscribers.

Reports are categorised to provide statistics and identify trends. CROSS-SA works with professional, industry, and trade bodies to address safety issues identified in reports, by influencing codes of practice or guidance documents.

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